Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rushing River Rampage of No Greater Sacrifice of WoW 100 Words

My apology for being a day late with the WoW Weekly 100 Words post -- I am having Blogger issues! I still have issues, having had to restructure the blog layout, but at least I can now post.

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This will be my last share from the book No Greater Sacrifice by author John C. Stipa, as I am nearly to the end of this excellent title. I am now sharing 100 words of Chapter LXIII, page 339:

      Meanwhile, Renee and David hurtled through frothing madness. The stream twisted, turned, and fell from under them in roller coaster fashion. Their headlamps flickered wildly. Hitting walls left and right, they rampaged through the rapids like a cork in a flood. David worked feverishly to try to keep them on course.
     "Renee! This is crazy!"
     "What should we do?" she yelled back.
     "If we get near the wall again, see if you can---"
     Renee and David screamed as the river disappeared.


     As Renee and David dropped into darkness, their headlamps revealed nothing but swirling spray. Renee gripped the sides...


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