Wednesday, September 14, 2011

100 Words from Baby Boomer and Author Chris Brockman

Calling all Baby Boomers, readers, and book blog hoppers! Hop along with me in the coming weeks as I read and share excerpts from author Chris Brockman's latest publication "Growing Up in Boom Times".

Today's 100 Words are a part of the Introduction of "Growing Up in Boom Times".

"...change is too often pushed on us by the large, powerful forces in our society, I also think that in our free society we individuals have the ultimate power to direct change in the direction we think is best. Younger generations have or will have an increasingly important role in deciding how our society will change. My own adult children aver that things have already changed greatly since they were children, and I can only imagine the changes my grandchildren will see. It's up to them, and it's up to you to change our lives and our world for the better."

~Chris Brockman, May 1, 2011

Are you a Baby Boomer? A Reader? Perhaps you're a book blog hopper. What are you currently reading?

Note: I use The Word Count Tool to count my book excerpts.