Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No Greater Sacrifice WoW 100 Words

Last week I finished reading and posted my Book Review of Disrupted Lives. This week, I begin reading No Greater Sacrifice by author John C. Stipa, which while barely into the first chapter already promises to be an amazing journey of nearly 400 pages.

Today, I share with you from Chapter 1, page 17:

     Renee's eyebrows went up. "What do you know about this ritual?"
     "It is heresay mostly, but the ceremony was a rite of passage for religious students wishing to elevate their spiritual awareness. There were five stages. One of them involved purification--"
     "Purification?" Renee interrupted. She pulled away and stared intently into his eyes. "Of what?"
     "One's soul possibly?" Dimitri shrugged. "Why?"
     Renee hesitated before responding. Should I tell him? And then what, ask him if he thinks the ceremony might cure me? Yeah, right, that will sound sober. She moved back into his embrace. "Just curious. Tell me more."

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