Sunday, July 19, 2015

Beautiful Joe TBR

Beautiful Joe by Margaret Marshall Saunders
Beautiful Joe on Amazon
As a reader as well as a dog lover, I am always on the lookout for new reading material, namely book titles to add to my TBR (To Be Read) book list. 

In promoting my latest dog book review (Go, Dog. Go! review published on JAQUO) my friend Barbary asked, "Have you read the old classic, Beautiful Joe?"

I do not recall reading this book, so I immediately headed to Amazon to take a look at the book and its reviews. But of course, Beautiful Joe by Margaret Marshall Saunders has now been pinned to my TBR board on Pinterest where I am keeping track of the book titles I plan to buy for future reading.

Beautiful Joe is a novel, based on the true story of an abused dog, rescued and re-homed. The book was first published in 1894 with its animal rights messages loud and clear. (Messages against animal cruelty we dog lovers still read and write about today and messages animal abusers have yet to heed!)

Have you read Beautiful Joe? If so, please share your thoughts on the book in your comment. If not, does this sound like a book you will be adding to your reading list?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

An Alzheimers Journey To Be Read and Shared

TBR Book List
I recall years ago my first instance of hearing about Alzheimer's disease from an up close and personal view. Although a sad story of a young woman whose mother had been diagnosed with early stages of the disease, it was also a story of compassionate care of a loved one. The young woman's father made plans to be his wife's caregiver. He even took early retirement to do so in the latter stages, years later.

Over the course of many years now, I have known others with this dreadful diagnosis that rips into a family's heart of living through a loved one having Alzheimer's. I am always touched tremendously by, and have utmost respect for, those who somehow manage to care for their ailing family members at home. This cannot be an easy task, emotionally or financially.

Today I came across an article wherein a gal shares the story of her aunt and uncle--the aunt having Alzheimer's and the uncle being her caregiver. As I read, I shed a tear. I also smiled over the love being shared in this beautiful family story.

I also discovered that Carol's husband has written a book that not only shares his wife's journey but is also meant to help others in the throes of elder care.

Carol's Alzheimers Journey by Donald H. Ford has now been added to my TBR Books List.

Has Alzheimer's touched your life up close and personal? Have you experienced being the caregiver of an elderly family member?

Monday, December 23, 2013

How Are You Mother Earth? Book Winner

It is a good thing I logged into my Email account to read my emails today as I was notified that I won another book yesterday in a giveaway! I love being a "winner" in any sense of the word. Being named winner of a book giveaway is terrific since I love to read, too.

Thank you to for hosting the blog giveaway which afforded me the opportunity to win the book by author Gordon Hunter, How Are You, Mother Earth? We're Taking You To The Doctor!

But of course, I have now published my review of this book: Gordon Hunter Asks: How Are You Mother Earth?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

An ABC for Grownups in Review

I purchased V Is for Vulnerable: Life Outside the Comfort Zone back in November and shared this addition to my TBR Book List with you here on Ruthi Reads!

I have now published two full and rave reviews for Seth Godin's book and highly recommend you read them both. Of course, I rate this gem of a book five stars and suggest you get your hands on a copy for yourself, as well as for all of your creative friends.


Links to My Reviews of V is for Vulnerable

You can trust that I shall be reading and reciting Seth's ABCs in my future to enhance the work of my word and design artistry.

Author Seth Godin is the founder of the Squidoo writing community so I am linking this blog article up with HOP and SQUIDOO hosted by Marsha's Spot. Hope to see you in this Squidoo lensmaster blog hop too!