Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sixty-Six Days with my Uncle the Author

Today it is an honor for me to share a book with you authored by my Uncle Lloyd. First, let me tell you a bit about Uncle Lloyd, the man. We will get to the book a little later.

Uncle Lloyd was married to my mother's sister, Mary, until she died from cancer. He has since remarried to a lovely lady. Lloyd and Mary had two sons, my cousins Johnny and Bobby.

When I was a young girl, I recall my Uncle Lloyd being sick, tuberculosis I think, but do not quote me on that being fact. I do recall when we would visit that my uncle never hugged or touched us and my aunt was a "germ freak."

Thus, my favorite memory of my Uncle Lloyd was one from a family reunion in 1999. This reunion was held on my Aunt Helen's 5-acre piece of land and 76 members of the clan were present, many of us camping out on the property for more than a week. We are pretty much a rowdy bunch of hillbillies, so we were drinking, smoking, really partying it up. I will never forget someone yelling, "Here comes Uncle Lloyd!" It was as though an alarm had been sounded! Everyone dashed to hide their beer cans and cigarettes and put on their shirts, ha! Not me! I may be a "heathen" but you can take me or leave me, just the way that I am!

Back to that special moment ... I walked right up to my Uncle Lloyd and hugged him ... And HE hugged ME right back! I think that is the only time my Uncle Lloyd ever hugged me and I will never forget that he did. And I will never forget that he stayed all day and late into the night out there in the country with his family, right down to the earth with the rest of us!

My Uncle Lloyd is a retired pastor in the Church of the Nazarene here in Ohio. He has authored several books.

Today I share from my signed copy of Sixty-Six Days Sixty-Six Books: A Brief Message From Each Book of the Bible, by author Lloyd D, Grimm, JR.

100 words from The Proof of Our Love, page 89. Background Scripture: St. Mark 5:1-20:

"We are prone to take for granted that most men know the basics of our Christian faith, but it is not so, even here in America. Years ago in one of my pastorates, I contacted a young boy on the street and invited him to our church. After talking awhile, he asked me, "What time does the show start?" But there are many adults groping in darkness, who are just as ignorant of the soul saving message we have to offer.

Again I say the greatest proof of our love for Jesus is to obey Him by heeding His..."

Purchase Sixty-Six Days Sixty-Six Books used via Amazon or direct from the publisher at Schmul Publishing Co.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Top Dove Hunting Trips and Tips

Is dove hunting out-of-season or banned in your neck of the woods? I suggest dove hunting in Argentina as an alternative--where shooting doves in flight is a year round adventure. No limit to season and no bag limit, for doves are in abundance in Cordoba, Argentina.

Whet your wing-shooting appetite on this dove in its winged beauty.

Tips for your Dove Hunting Trip
  • Know the flight patterns from roost to feeding fields to watering holes. Your Argentina dove hunting guides will already know and share this information with you.
  • Aim is important; follow-through is essential. Swing to follow the flight direction of the bird.
  • Dress the part! Wear proper dove hunting clothing and you will be dressed for a successful hunt. (Do not forget your camera to get a shot of you as well as your birds.)

Top Tip: Visit the dove hunting blog for more tips to make your dove hunting trip to Argentina a unique experience, one you will never forget.

After a successful day of dove hunting you will have bagged enough dove for a feast for your hunting party. Here is a favorite recipe of mine to be served with grilled corn-on-the-cob or your favorite side dish.

Grilled Dove Breast Shish Kabobs

  • Required: 4 - 8 dove breasts per person. (How hungry are you?)
  • Marinate dove meat for 1 hour in red wine vinegar + olive oil + chipotle powder. Save the marinade to brush the kabobs with during cooking.
  • Alternate on kabob skewers: dove breast, pear quarters, onion quarters, cherry tomatoes. Of course, if you have favorite fruits and vegetables, you may substitute.
  • Place on grill, baste with marinade. Grill for 5 minutes; turn, baste; grill another 5 minutes; turn and baste again and grill for another 5 minutes or until done.

Tip: Do not overcook. Dove is a dark meat and tends to dry when overcooked. Vegetables should have a tender but crisp texture. For more even and indirect cooking, use wood grill planks.

Top TipTake a trip to the Cordoba province for an unforgettable experience in dove hunting in Argentina. Stay at the Casa Rosada Lodge and your hosts will prepare a feast for you and serve it to you in style!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

100 Words from the Rocking Chair Reader

I am long overdue sharing with you from The Rocking Chair Reader - Memories from the Attic: True Stories of Family Treasures Lost and Found.

I received this book in a giveaway via ages ago during a live chat with author Trish Ayers.

Naturally, I wanted to win the book because it contained a short story written by author Trish Ayers, fellow writer friend.

Sharing from "Angela's Hidden Treasure" by Trish Ayers, page 132:

WE PASSED THE HOUSE before we saw the sign tacked to the cedar tree. We were house hunting, and pickings in our little town were mighty slim. Some months earlier, the area had been hit by a tornado which damaged more than 200 residences.

Seeing the words FOR SALE handwritten on that cardboard sign renewed our hope. We raced to our apartment to dial the phone number and within minutes were inside the white clapboard farmhouse.

The owner had been in the hospital for the past year and the house smelled of being closed up, but I saw past the smell...


Let your imagination wander through the old farmhouse with the author in search of the hidden treasures. Better yet, purchase a copy of The Rocking Chair Reader: Memories from the Attic for yourself to read the rest of the story and many more gems hidden in the book's collection.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

100 Words: Mother, Wife, Myself

Spending a lot of my online time at Squidoo, I often run across authors new to me and new books to add to the collection on one of my many bookshelves. I really get excited when that new author is a writer of poetry.

That said, today I would like to introduce you to author Mimi Koay and her newly published book of poetry and prose "Mother, Wife, Myself: Poems about finding yourself after becoming a mother and wife."

I share with you now from my copy of the softback book, pages 14 and 15:

Time Waits For No Mom

"Why do you give up your career?"
"Don't you feel bored staying at home?"
To those nay Sayers, I can only say....

With kids, time lost can never be regained. Play, read and talk to your children TODAY while they still want you to!


3 years old

Mummy, mummy, play with me
Not now hon, mummy's busy
Mummy, mummy, play with me
Mummy's sleeping, can't you see
Mummy, mummy, play with me!
Not again! Please let me be!

7 years old

Mummy, mummy, read with me
Not now hon, mummy's busy
Mummy's cooking...

Ah! In rhyme play the years stroll along! In a hurry to read the rest of this poem? Download the Kindle version of Mother, Wife, Myself.

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