Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Floating in Midair WoW 100 Words

I should be sleeping, yet I continue the reading of No Greater Sacrifice by author John C. Stipa, now sharing 100 words of Chapter XLIII, page 239:

     She thrust the relic high above her head. "GUYS, I FOUND IT!"
     At first, Renee could only blink away the rain trying to understand the bizarre vision in the distance. What the hell? Someone within the horseshoe semi-circle of stones had lit an oil torch, the glow illuminating an object floating in midair.
     Stuffing the bronze piece in her back pocket, Renee took several half-walking, half-lurching steps, then fell to her knees. There, in the inner circle of Stonehenge, strung from the top of the largest bluestone, his arms splayed out to either side, David Giovanni Arturo had been crucified.


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