WoW Weekly 100 Words

WoW WEEKLY 100 WORDS is a weekly event, which will be held each Wednesday of each week here at Ruthi Reads! Of course, you can hop in anytime during the week; it need not be on Wednesday.

Each week I will post with a new Linky list for us all to share the link to our weekly BLOG POST sharing 100 WORDS of 1 book on our bookshelf. Please explain in your post why you are sharing this book title.

Basic WoW 100 Requirements:

1...Add the WoW WEEKLY 100 WORDS badge and link to your blog post.
2...Share exactly 100 words of the book you are reading.
3...Add your post link to the current Linky list.
4...Hop along the WoW list, meeting and greeting book blog friends and book readers.

To assist you with your word count, here's the link to a great word count tool I often utilize:

Be sure to share the title, author, and/or page number of the words of the book you've chosen to share with your readers. Feel free to share anything else about the book you'd like.

Here's the badge code for your weekly posts for WoW WEEKLY 100 WORDS:

Ruthi Reads!

Most of all -- have fun hoppin' along with Ruthi Reads! And I'll be reading you on Wednesday (or what ever day you link up) -- WoW!

Current WoW WEEKLY 100 WORDS link-up post:
Eat to Live so we can Live to Eat