Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wild Berries and Grampas

As I read from the pages of Growing Up In Boom Times, it is difficult to choose which 100 words to share with you. I am enjoying each little morsel, with each tale tasting a bit more about my author friend, Chris Brockman. The problem is that I want you to know Chris, too, so I seem to select excerpts from his book that manage to hint at the character of the man I have come to like, to trust, and to respect within the past two years or so online at Gather.

Today, I share with you (from Chapter Three) a tidbit from Chris and his family's wild berry saga:

     "...a continuation of my own grampa's legacy.
     Last summer, while visiting Adrienne and Kevin in Western Michigan, Rowan begged me to take him blackberry picking, So, Julie, Rowan, his little brother Shay, and I explored the neighborhood bordering Lake Michigan and found a fine patch of dewberries, a close-to-the ground variety of blackberries. Rowan and Shay excitedly announced each time they picked a berry how big this one was, and it was music to my ears. We picked more than enough to renew their supply of gramps jam and the spirits of at least a couple of grampas before me."

I wish to assure you that you do not have to be of the Age of Baby Boomers to enjoy Growing Up In Boom Times. You are welcome to follow along with me each week as I share from this book or you can purchase your own copy and read along with me.

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