Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WoW Weekly 100 Words from No Greater Sacrifice

Our characters still search for the last bronze piece in No Greater Sacrifice by author John C. Stipa, now sharing 100 words of Chapter LIV, page 291:

      "Thanks...I think. What got you thinking that it was Mary Magdalene in the first place?"
     "Don't hit me, but when you stuck your boobs out, the idea that it could be a woman popped into my head."
     She slugged him anyway.


     Five hundred yards behind, a dark, green van followed. The vehicle's side panel sported several new dents where a child had repeatedly practiced penalty shots on it with a soccer ball that morning. Crouched low behind the wheel, Dehorsouci peered over the dash with bloodshot eyes, like a praying mantis waiting for the fly to land on a flower petal.


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