Saturday, November 24, 2012

Give Thanks for Book Bloggers #FF

Finding the Feature & Follow blog hop today seemed so appropriate for this following Thanksgiving weekend! I have been giving thanks for many blessings the past few days and now this new blog hop gives me reason to share a bit of that thankfulness.

I give thanks for the hosts of this book blogger hop:
This weeks Feature & Follow Question:
Are you thankful for a fellow blogger? Tell us about him or her.


I Follow and Feature: Sheila Deeth

I have been following Sheila Deeth's blog and writings for a few years now. I first ran across Sheila on the community. Naturally, we are now hooked up via our blogs, Facebook, email, and best of all - via snailmail.

Best of all for me as I am fortunate enough to have recently received the latest book publication by Sheila Deeth: Divide by Zero. My review of this book will be coming soon!

Sheila accomplished something no other author has been able to do in that she managed to get me to read and review an eBook! Don't miss my review of Flower Child!

Hook up with this author, read her writings, and read her many beautifully written book reviews. I promise you will not be disappointed by this book blogger.

Are you hooked up with Feature & Follow?
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Toddler Time for Reading

My grandson is now two years old and when he comes to visit he always heads to my bookshelves looking for books I have designated he is allowed to "touch". Liam is so good about not messing with books on the shelf I have told him No to. (A good little boy just like his daddy was as a toddler.)

Liam really likes animal books with lots of pictures of critters in them. We have two that we read each time he is here, one with dogs and one of whales.

I have started collecting books for Liam. In fact, last week with a portion of earnings from my articles at Squidoo, I purchased a few books for Christmas gifts, including the book "Find My Friends" for Liam. I must have purchased the last one as the book is currently unavailable at Amazon.

Not to worry! I have plenty more books for infants, toddlers, and children to share with you. I have two collections of board books so far, with more to come. Take a look and see what books you can find to add to toddler time for reading in your home.

Fall Board Books for Children

A selection of board books filled with colorful autumn fare sure to delight even the youngest of readers.

What fabulous beginning books for wee bookworms!

Winter Board Books for Children

Continuing with the seasons, this is a collection of winter-themed board books.

What a wonderful way to warm the spirits of young and old with stories of the joy of the season - even playtime in the cold.

A young child's attention span is short, naturally, so we turn the pages quite quickly. Soon, Liam runs off to play with his trucks or insists on a game of chase with Grandma. Not to worry, he will return to the books in a little bit!

Do you have toddler time for reading at your house? What books can you recommend I share with my grandson?