Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WoW Weekly 100 Words 1.11.11

First, on a personal note, today is my son's 39th birthday! Oh my, I feel old!

OOPs! I just realized today is Tuesday! Oh well, I'm ahead of the game in something for a change. Ha!

Today, for WoW Weekly 100 Words, using The Word Count Tool, I'll share with you 100 words from the book I'm currently reading--The Capablance Variation, a novel by Douglas Quinn. From Chapter 14, page 66:

"You know, you can't wait for the fish to jump into your net. Sometimes you just have to throw some bait into the water and see what happens," LeShaun said to Scott Kendall via scrambled cell phone. Kendall got a charge out of Grant's fish metaphors, always presented with such a straight face or tone.

Grant was always trying to talk Kendall into a fishing trip. Kendall always had the same answer. He had no interest in wasting time catching them when he could order up one already cooked, whenever he wished.

"Have you been in contact with Gillis?" Kendall asked.


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