Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hop Along! WoW Weekly 100 Words 01.05.2011

WoW WEEKLY 100 WORDS is a weekly event held each Wednesday here at Ruthi Reads! Hop along by sharing what you're currently reading! For further info on the WoW hop: READ HERE

Each week I will post with a new Linky list for us all to share the link to our weekly post sharing 100 WORDS of the book we are currently reading. If you're like me, you may be reading more than one book, so you're welcome to share them all!

This week I rang in the new year in ways other than reading, so I've little book progress to share. I am currently working on a proofreading project, my first manuscript reading for an author friend - Kasey Klein - more about that later, as we progress.

Today, for WoW Weekly 100 Words, using The Word Count Tool, I'll share with you 100 words from the book I'm currently reading--The Capablance Variation, a novel by Douglas Quinn. From Chapter 5, page 19:

     "On her lunch break, Jennie called the office of her mentor, Dr. William "Bill" Nash, PHD. She didn't expect to reach him and was surprised when his long time secretary, Millie, put her throught to his office.
     "So, my smart and gorgeous friend, have you decided to come to work for me?" After the business in Spain, Nash had offered her a jov with his think tank, World Watch. When she'd turned him down, he'd offered the opportunity to do some consulting work if something came up in her area of expertise. She said she'd consider that, but apparently nothing..."

And there you have it, my WoW reading share for this week! I can't wait to discover what words you have to share from the book(s) you're reading! Hop along on the WoW WEEKLY 100 WORDS with me! Once you've created your post on your own blog, return here to ADD your WoW 100 post URL to the Linky list for this week and I'll be reading you!