Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WoW Weekly 100 Words 01.19.11

WoW! Another week has flown by! I'm happy to say life's settled down a bit around here the last couple of days and I'm now in peaceful, positive, and productive mode! That's a good thing, as I've lots on my ToDo List.

I'm enjoying my current reading material: The Capablanca Variation, a novel by author Douglas Quinn. For WoW Weekly 100 Words I'll be sharing from the start of Chapter 20, page 97:

     "Scott Kendall looked at his watch. He was annoyed. It was almost noon and he hadn't heard from John Raye in twenty hours - twenty hours, thirteen minutes to be exact. The girl would be checking out shortly, having lunch, doing some last-minute shopping, then catching the bus to Rabat, and Kendall wanted an update on the situation there.
     It would be interesting to see if Arnab, the messenger, would be on the incoming bus, but of no consequence if he was or wasn't. What Kendall was more interested in was if Raye learned anything more from Nour. Or had Raye just..."
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