Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Authors to Add to my Bookshelf

As though I do not have enough books to read, I am adding two newfound authors to my TBR Books List this week. I am sure it shan't be long before one of their books finds it way upon my bookshelf, especially since I THINK I know which of their books I shall read first.

I say think because in the case of both authors, all of their book titles on Amazon look to be great reads!

I ran across author Douglas Wood while looking for something appropriate to share in my Blessedness of Being a Thankful Soul article yesterday. Yes, I found a blessed offering for that blog post.

Here I share another of Wood's books that grabbed my eye. Be sure to take a closer look at Where the Sunrise Begins and other titles by the author to see how his words wind the pages in poetic prose. Each book is beautifully illustrated to capture and to hold the attention of its readers, too.

Early today, in reading a book review I was introduced to a new author whose books I cannot wait to read!

From Marina Lewycka, unfortunately, my first choice of titles is temporarily out of stock, but you can bet I am on the waiting list for Various Pets Alive & Dead.

Yes! Again I must say, I need more time to read!