Friday, July 8, 2011

WoW 100 Roommate Reader Choice

Due to the loss of a family member, I've not read at all this past week. Thus, my friend and roommate, Scott, is selecting my WoW 100 Words share for you this week. Scott had shown an interest in this book when it arrived in my mailbox and has completed reading: Disrupted Lives by author Brenda Youngerman.

Scott's thoughts on this Youngerman novel:

"The book is well put together, having accurate history about the old south, and customs, and how racially prejudiced people really were. I enjoyed the two brothers, how they lived apart; how they both became pro quarterbacks was fantastic.

And yes! Yes, I would buy the book! But, of course, I didn't have to because I read Ruthi's copy, before she did!"

Scott's choice words to share with you are from chapter EIGHT, page 64:
     The acquittal of Kelvin Farm was headline news in Atlanta. Fiona, who had not spoken to Chad in over six months, called and said, "Did you do that?"
     "Do what Mama?"
     "Get that colored out of jail?"
     "Yes, ma'am, I did!" he said jubilantly.
     "Shame on you!" she said, "I have never been as ashamed of you as I am today." She hung up the phone.
     Chad put the receiver back into the cradle and just stared at the phone. What is wrong with her, he thought.
     Chad quickly became the defender of those who were innocent and were willing...

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