Sunday, July 17, 2011

Book Review: Disrupted Lives

Prologue: Hmm ... Have you ever read a prologue to a book review? Hey, somebody's gotta go first and it may as well be me! My friend Brenda will confirm that I do not care for prologues in books ... smiles. With that in mind, here's my introduction to my review of "Disrupted Lives" by my friend and author, Brenda Youngerman:

I am going to break my self-imposed rules for writing a book review. Rarely do I get personal in a book review; seldom will you see me use the word "I" in a book review; and, it is an extremely rare occasion when I review the author as opposed to, or along with, reviewing the book. In the case of this particular author, this particular book title, I have made the decision to review both the book and the author -- from my personal point of view. I justify my breaking of my review rules by the fact that my author friend is worthy of my doing so, which I shall explain further in the review.


"Disrupted Lives" by author Brenda Youngerman is the telling across generations of the lifespan of the Lake and Kane families. It is a work of fiction with a purpose, as all of Youngerman's novels are appraised to be.

Having read a few of Youngerman's novels and many of her other writings, I have come to expect and appreciate her desire to make a difference with her writing talent. Brenda seldom scribes for pleasure and even in so doing, social issues rise within her writings. Her compassion for others, for society as a whole, is evident in each of her works.

"Disrupted Lives" touches on matters that directly or indirectly affect not just the characters in the family of the book, but these are also concerns you and I live with every day. Adoption, culture, racism, relationships, family values, and family secrets are just a few of the topics we take a look at through the pages of this historic journey Youngerman takes us on.

From Fiona, the matriarch of the Lake family on down to her grandson of the Kane clan, we see generations of the families affected long term by their own decisions and by the choices of other family members. The life of family was torn apart by paths chosen.

Need and Greed are the two major implied forces battling within the Lake and Kane families. I was pretty sure the adopted grandson managed to affect change until the ending of the story of these families. In the end, I feel Youngerman failed somewhat to convince me that the parents sought their long lost son for any reason other than need and greed. Sure, I was convinced they loved him; I was more convinced they loved their daughter more -- her Need was their Greed. The wheels of the unjust are a perpetual motion, thriving and harmful across generations.

However, I do not believe this is the reaction author Brenda Youngerman hoped for, wrote for. It is my belief that her words for her characters, Darren and Amelia, on two or three separate occasions, could have been chosen more wisely, more precisely, to her purpose.

On the back cover of "Disrupted Lives" you will read: A name does not make a person, a person makes a name. Without a doubt, Brenda Youngerman is making a name for herself in her novels. I do not pretend to be an expert on the art of writing, but I know enough to be able to say this author has talent. She writes with a passionate pen. Each book of this author's I have read has shown writing growth and improvement. (I like this in an author and it may well be the reason I prefer to read and review newer published authors as opposed to renowned authors.)

"Disrupted Lives" has a style all its own, a passion all its own. This Brenda Youngerman title is one you will want to own.


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