Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WoW Weekly 100 Words 2/23/11

WoW! I've been so busy that I forgot it was Wednesday, until a friend emailed me she awaits my WoW post, OOPs! Thanks, Brenda! (That's what friends are for..:-)

Still reading from The Capablanca Variation, a novel by author Douglas Quinn. My WoW 100 Word share with you today is from the top of Chapter 39:

"Remei was falling behind.

If anything happens to Blair, I will become a terrorist-hunting, killing machine.

Within minutes, the river was no longer navigable. Remei ran the inflatable onto the right bank. She got out and pulled the rubber boat up onto the shore. Once she got Jennie and the backpack out, she pulled the boat further away from the river, in case there was an unexpected heavy rain upstream and the river came up.

For the moment, she put Jennie back into the rubber boat where it would be more comfortable for her. Remei slipped on her backpack and..."

Puchase via abitosunshine:
The Capablanca Variation: The End Game

WoW Weekly 100 Words:

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