Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WoW Weekly 100 Words 3/1/11

I started a new job this week, so my body clock is running a bit off; thus, I figured I might not be in the mood to do this post at four in the morning, which is why it's getting posted on Tuesday evening. It is ever so good to be able to say that I am no longer among the unemployed, so believe me, I'm not really complaining about the schedule -- it's just taking some getting used to.

Still reading from The Capablanca Variation, a novel by author Douglas Quinn. My WoW Weekly 100 Words blog hop share with you today is from Chapter 45:

"It seemed to take forever before the next morning's sunrise. Remei and Blair were ready to go but had to wair for Jennie, who wanted to take a bath in the river before they left. It was the third one she'd taken since they arrived at the compound.

"All the death and seeing you after...you know," she said to Blair. "This place makes me feel dirty and I can't seem to scrub it off."

The previous day they had buried the five bodies in shallow graves behind one of the buildings. They kept three of the AK-47's to..."

Puchase via abitosunshine:
The Capablanca Variation: The End Game

WoW Weekly 100 Words:

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