Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WoW Weekly 100 Words 2/2/2011

So the groundhog says Spring is on the way, hooRAYo! Mother Nature, however, is reminding me it's still winter! The freezing rain of yesterday has been replaced with high winds blowing in a whole lot of winter white--viewed through my window as I type--a good day to stay bundled up inside with a good book.

I've had to set up an account with a new free linky service, since the one I'd been using decided no more free service, so I do hope this linky list works today. Now utilizing inlinkz for this WoW 100 Hop.

Today, for WoW Weekly 100 Words, using The Word Count Tool, I'll share with you 100 words from the book I'm currently reading: The Capablanca Variation, a novel by author Douglas Quinn. This excerpt is from Chapter 27:

     "I want to know the name of the large man with the mashed up nose who followed you out of the bus station in Rabat. And I want to know where I can find him." She nudged the weapon harder against him to emphasize that she was not only serious but in a hurry.
     I don't know who you're-" Then, "Owww!" as Remei smacked the muzzle of the gun against his testacles.
     Now Arnab was crying. "Why are you asking me about him?" he whined.
     I thought you didn't know who I was talking about." She smacked him again and..."


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