Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WoW Wednesday! Weekly 100 Words 12/08/2010

It's time for my WoW WEEKLY 100 WORDS! On Wednesdays, I hope you'll be hopping along with me!

Today, I'll be sharing with you exactly 100 words from books I'm currently reading!

Book 1: Son of My Soul: The Adoption of Christopher by Debra Shiveley Welch, from Chapter 3:

     "I could hardly breathe. The ache within me was so profound, so all consuming, that there was no room for air, no room for hope, no room fo anything but this increible pain. I wanted my mother! I wanted her so badly that the weight of it almost crushed me. I sat there, cradled in the crotch of the tree, and cried. I wept until I could weep no more, until there was nothing left inside of me to release.
     Why would I long for someone who neglected me so horribly? What was it within me that made me crave.."

Book 2: ChristmaSin' by Ed Williams, 100 words from page 34:

     "We both laugh, and I take the opportunity to lean over and give Jenny a little smooch. She has to be the greatest kisser of all time, so anytime I can slip one away from her it's a true blessing. I even tell her after the smooch how thankful I am to get it, and Jenny laughs and says that I am in the perfect place to be giving thanks. I have to agree with her on that one, which starts me to thinking and then talking to her about a Christmas Eve experience we had at our house a..."

Book 3: Write Ways to WIN WRITING CONTESTS by John Howard Reid, 100 words from page 73:

     "Frankly, I'm a firm believer that mystery or detective stories should be written in the first person, in order to play fair with the reader. But otherwise your choice of a narrative point of view depends on what you think is the best way to tell the story with maximum impact.
     I'm often asked at writers' conferences and so-called "manuscript clinicx", how many characters are ideal for a short story? The conventional wisdom holds that you need only as many characters as the story demands. This doesn't tell us much. But obviously one hundred characters is far too many for..."

Notes: I won ChristmasSin' in a author chat and will soon be writing a review for this delightful book.

As for Son of My Soul and Write Ways, I was offered these book titles by the authors through, where I am a registered book Reviewer.

Well, there you have it, my WoW reading share for this week! I can't wait to discover what words you have to share from the book(s) you're reading!

So, hop along on the WoW WEEKLY 100 WORDS with me. Once you've created your post on your own blog, return here to ADD your post URL to the Linky list for this week and I'll be reading you!