Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WoW Weekly 100 Words 3/9/11

Reading from The Capablanca Variation:: The End Game, a novel by author Douglas Quinn. My WoW Weekly 100 Words blog hop share with you today is from Chapter 47, page 250:

     "What the...?" Mark stepped back.
     "That's for not giving a shit whether or not I was raped, tortured or killed," Jennnie said, her voice calm but terse.
     While Mark was trying to recover from the embarrassment of being humiliated by an angry woman--several people around them laughed--Kendall, with the other two SS guys following, came up behind the FBI agent, Kendall saying, "Well I'll be a piss-ant's pappy."
     "Why don't you boys order some drinks and follow us up to our rooms," emphasizing the word our, "where we can sort all this out in private, Remei said, smiling.
     Mark David..."

Puchase via abitosunshine:
The Capablanca Variation: The End Game


This will conclude my sharing of the book, The Capablanca Variation, as I should finish it this week and begin a new read to share with you next week.


WoW Weekly 100 Words:

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