Monday, December 12, 2011

Does God have a mean sense of humor?

I am reading and sharing from Ada: Legend of a Healer, by R.A. McDonald. My 100-word excerpt from this book is from Chapter 9, page 132:

     "Come sit down and have something to eat," she said smiling at Ada as she filled her plate. "This is a blessing from God, my dear. You have the healing touch."
     "Where does blessing come into it?" Ada snapped feeling the heat rise in her cheeks, "God plagues humanity with who knows how many diseases, and then blesses a couple people with the ability to heal. Sounds more like a fluke to me, or maybe a God with a mean sense of humor."
     Nothing was said the rest of the meal. Ada wanted to change the subject to one of...


What do you think? Do you agree with Ada's assessment of possession of the healing touch? Would you consider this ability to heal a curse or a blessing?

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