Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ADA: Behind Closed Doors

This 100-word excerpt is found in Chapter 3, on page 40, of Ada: Legend of a Healer, by R.A. McDonald:

     "Who's following us?"
     Jessie set the bag back on the ground when she saw Ada's stubborn expression.
     "See, this is why I left you in foster care, right under their noses. I didn't want you to have to spend your life on the run."
     "Whose noses?" Ada asked getting nervous over the frightened look Jessie would make at the faintest sound. The halls were empty and lined with closed doors. They seemed to be in a janitorial area of the hospital.
     "The senator and his hired help." Jessie picked up Ada's bag and handed it to her. "If they see..."

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