Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ADA Legend Of A Healer leaves Foster Care

I have had Ada: Legend of a Healer on my bookshelf for quite awhile now. This is a gentle reminder that my mood must match my reading material in order for me to give the words the respect they are due as I read and review.

Today, in need of a new book to read, my hand reached immediately for ADA. I share a 100-word excerpt from chapter 2, page 22:

     "Ada nodded without taking her eyes off of the ceiling. She couldn't help but wonder why her aunt was showing up now. She was the one who had put Ada in foster care in the first place. Her file listed her mother as "disappeared without a trace." The few memories she had of childhood had to have been with her aunt, but she couldn't remember a face no matter how hard she tried. She pulled the cord on the window blind. The sun was reflecting off of the wet street making it look like shiny metal. Ten years later and..."

Ah, yes, I am ready for Ada's journey now. Are you? You can join me each week as I share an excerpt from the book; and, you can purchase a copy of R.A. McDonald's Ada: Legend of a Healer for yourself to read right along.

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Note: I use The Word Count Tool to count my book excerpts.