Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Physician, Heal Thyself

Slowly, but surely, I am enjoying the reading of Ada: Legend of a Healer, by R.A. McDonald. And I must tell you, the artwork found within the book is an amazing and complimentary addition to the tale of this young healer's life journey.

Sharing from Chapter 5, page 74:

     "You wanted to see if you could heal yourself," she mumbled aloud.
     Pressing both hands on each side of her calf, she focused on the damage and tried to pull energy from all over her body, directing it to the puncture wound. The burning, stabbing pain changed to a tingling itch. Without looking she could see every step of the healing process unfolding in her mind. Heat flushed the skin around the injury until it felt numb.
     She moved her hands to see, only blood was left, not even a scar. She used her sweatshirt sleeve to wipe the area..."

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