Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WoW 100 Words Over the Hill

While reading the passage I'll share with you in a bit, a phrase jumped up and gave me a chuckle ... I just had to look up the definition to be sure if my thinking I'm over-the-hill is correct.

As defined by TheFreeDictionary: over-the-hill:

adj. Informal
1. Past the peak of one's youthful vigor and freshness.
2. Far along in life; old.
Adj. 1. over-the-hill - too old to be useful

Okay, so I can pretty much agree with 1 and 2 Informal. However, I most certainly do not agree with Adj. 1 definition. I am most certainly quite useful, still, no matter my age; in fact, maybe moreso because of my age.

So, am I over-the-hill? Absolutely not and will never think so again! How about you? Do you consider yourself over-the-hill?

Sharing a 100 word excerpt from Chapter Four, page 45, of The Book of Ruth by author Jane Hamilton:

"May was thirty-eight years old when I was born. She probably thought I was going to be retarded since she was over the hill. I wonder if she enjoyed carrying me. I wonder if she ate liver and spinach and drank a quart of milk a day, like they tell you you must. Sometimes, the way I get so tired, I suspect May never ate the right food. I feel like I don't have all the ingredients a person is supposed to have.

I've already described most of the main events that happened to me when we were a family

I hope you've enjoyed the WoW Weekly 100 Words I've just shared with you. I also hope you'll blog hop along by sharing your current read, too.