Monday, June 13, 2011

Mail Call a Delightful Disruption

Generally, I don't get too excited about the postman and his mail delivery. However, every now and again the mailman brings something other than bills and that is a welcome disruption to my day.

Today, the postman brought me a new book to read! I received Disrupted Lives by author Brenda Youngerman. I'm truly excited to read and review Brenda's latest book title.

Stay tuned for the Disrupted Lives Blog Tour which takes place on July 17, 2011! You can read all about the tour by visiting Fiction With A Purpose. Introduce yourself to author Brenda Youngerman, if you've not yet met her. You can tell her Ruthi sent you!

I've previously read and reviewed two of Youngerman's novels: Private Scars and Public Lies.