Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome Disruption

With the receipt of a new book to read and review, I've had my reading of The Book of Ruth disrupted! Never fear, I shall return to the book and continue sharing excerpts as soon as possible.

 WoW Weekly 100 Words:
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I use The Word Count Tool to count my book excerpts. I type in the box provided, then once I have 100 words, I copy and paste it right into my blog post.

Now, on to the sharing of the welcome distraction: Disrupted Lives by author Brenda Youngerman. Since I do not care for prologues in fiction work and generally do not even bother to read them, I decided to read and share an excerpt from the PROLOGUE of Disrupted Lives. Why? Because Brenda made me read it and it is worthy of sharing! (smiles..:-)

     Darren gently pulled her down to him and stroked her back as she placed her head on his chest. "Amelia, I know. But we were just kids and it wasn't like your parents gave you any choice." He felt her tears fall onto his chest. "We have to be fair to Emily and Nate. What do you think would happen if all of a sudden we sprang on them that they had an older brother?"
     Amelia didn't answer. She never had the answer. She just knew that her heart broke every time she went back to the rainy night that she gave away her baby.

Note: That was actually 105 words, as I just didn't have the heart to not share those last five words of that last paragraph.