Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Books Make Great Tips

Previously a server I often received some great tips; some monetary and some worth more than mere money. A few months ago one of my guests was reading while eating his breakfast. Of course, I inquired about the book he was reading and friendly conversation ensued. When the guest left and I was clearing the table I was delighted to see he had left me the book with a couple of dollars tucked inside like a bookmarker. Books make great tips! (Especially when the bookmarker is cash!)

Sharing 100 words from Another Valley, Another Victory, Another Love by Valetta Steel Crumley, page 151 of chapter 8, "Reasons of the Heart":

Another Valley, Another Victory, Another Love
"As I share my testimony in churces, homes, and at women's retreats, the question I am most often asked is: "After all you've been through--losing a child to leukemia, a husband to Hodgkin's disease, the sudden death of your two remaining children in an automobile accident--after all that, how can you retain your faith in a loving God? How can you go on smiling, praising the Lord, talking about his goodness? It doesn't make sense."
I answer that nowhere in Scripture are we told that because we are God's children we will be spared the harsh realities of human life."


What are your thoughts on belief or non-belief of God as pertains specifically to the topic of the suffering of humanity? Do life happenings test your faith in a god?


Do you think books make great tips? Have you ever given or received a book as a tip for sevice?


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