Wednesday, May 16, 2012

100 Words: Mother, Wife, Myself

Spending a lot of my online time at Squidoo, I often run across authors new to me and new books to add to the collection on one of my many bookshelves. I really get excited when that new author is a writer of poetry.

That said, today I would like to introduce you to author Mimi Koay and her newly published book of poetry and prose "Mother, Wife, Myself: Poems about finding yourself after becoming a mother and wife."

I share with you now from my copy of the softback book, pages 14 and 15:

Time Waits For No Mom

"Why do you give up your career?"
"Don't you feel bored staying at home?"
To those nay Sayers, I can only say....

With kids, time lost can never be regained. Play, read and talk to your children TODAY while they still want you to!


3 years old

Mummy, mummy, play with me
Not now hon, mummy's busy
Mummy, mummy, play with me
Mummy's sleeping, can't you see
Mummy, mummy, play with me!
Not again! Please let me be!

7 years old

Mummy, mummy, read with me
Not now hon, mummy's busy
Mummy's cooking...

Ah! In rhyme play the years stroll along! In a hurry to read the rest of this poem? Download the Kindle version of Mother, Wife, Myself.

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