Wednesday, May 23, 2012

100 Words from the Rocking Chair Reader

I am long overdue sharing with you from The Rocking Chair Reader - Memories from the Attic: True Stories of Family Treasures Lost and Found.

I received this book in a giveaway via ages ago during a live chat with author Trish Ayers.

Naturally, I wanted to win the book because it contained a short story written by author Trish Ayers, fellow writer friend.

Sharing from "Angela's Hidden Treasure" by Trish Ayers, page 132:

WE PASSED THE HOUSE before we saw the sign tacked to the cedar tree. We were house hunting, and pickings in our little town were mighty slim. Some months earlier, the area had been hit by a tornado which damaged more than 200 residences.

Seeing the words FOR SALE handwritten on that cardboard sign renewed our hope. We raced to our apartment to dial the phone number and within minutes were inside the white clapboard farmhouse.

The owner had been in the hospital for the past year and the house smelled of being closed up, but I saw past the smell...


Let your imagination wander through the old farmhouse with the author in search of the hidden treasures. Better yet, purchase a copy of The Rocking Chair Reader: Memories from the Attic for yourself to read the rest of the story and many more gems hidden in the book's collection.