Sunday, October 30, 2011

Flower Child by Author Sheila Deeth, Book Review

I am deeply honored to be a part of the Flower Child Blog Tour and wish to thank Sheila Deeth for this opportunity to read and review her eBook, which is my first reading of an eBook. I am not the least bit disappointed in Sheila's talent as a storyteller, nor in this non-print version of Flower Child. However, I would be thrilled to see this book in print one day.


But is Angela Real? queries Megan, mother of this, her unborn daughter, as she learns just how hard it can hurt to be Mother.

The reader is drawn by the double-edged sword of emotion as Flower Child author Sheila Deeth embraces the depths of motherhood, the hauntings — of love and of loss — of child.

"You suffer so much, you humans," and "You have to keep testing the boundaries, " says a garden angel in her tale, planted, perhaps, between heaven and hell. "You're never satisfied."

You give them chance after chance don't you? You forgive them over and over again. You pick them up and set them on their way. Being a mother, a parent, a guardian, comes with rights and responsibilities.

After a time, mother Megan wonders does it mean I'm getting better because I don't cry for her now? Or am I going crazy because I tidy her room in dreams? At what point in the mourning process are we to no longer shed rivers of tears? Are we mad as hatters for allowing our minds to dwell in a dream with the dead? To some it may seem so; to others, though, it may be deemed a realm of real life.

Reality is all-inclusive: what has been, what is, and what will be. Consider this statement by writer Philip K. Dick: Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.

The greatest motherly wonder of all comes from the author as she ponders an un-born: I wondered if maybe it's love that makes souls, and making love makes flesh. Maybe no one really loved him.

Storytelling based on reality rarely fails to grab the reader by the hallowed hauntings of the heart. Author Sheila Deeth succeeds in tugging our heartstrings in the bittersweet beauty of the story of her Flower Child.

And, make no mistake — Angela is real.


I hope that if you have not been following this month-long tour, that you will visit the Sheila Deeth Blog, as well as the daily blog tour listings. You may also wish to visit a previous post here at Ruthi Reads where I share an excerpt from Flower Child; one which captured me from the beginning of the book.

I received no compensation for the review of this book. I received a PDF version to read for review purposes.