Thursday, May 26, 2011

WoW Weekly 100 Words - Trust

I'm a day late with this WoW 100 Words blog hop post, as I was locked out of Blogger for the past few days, mostly due to a cookie handling issue, caused by me and my new computer and its settings. Anyway, this will be the last excerpt I'll share from this book title, since I will be finishing it this week. A book review share to follow soon.

Sharing from the novel, Sworn To Secrecy For Life: A Young American Spy's Odyssey through War-torn Germany and Russia, by author Charles Joseph Fickey.

The following 100 word excerpt is taken from Chapter 49, "Eagle's Nest", page 322:
Hitler spoke hoarsely, "Don't move, my dog Blondie just came out the door. She doesn't usually like strangers. If you remain still she will not hurt you." The dog came slowly over to Karl. "Don't make a sudden move," Hitler said. The dog came over and sniffed Karl's hand. She opened her mouth, Hitler made a move to grab the collar. Then the dog licked Karl's hand.

"Auch du lieber Gott!" Hitler exclaimed. "You are one of the few people she had ever trusted." This cemented his trust in Karl. Hitler leaned back and relaxed. He seemed completely at ease...

Although this is a Wednesday book blog hop, you are welcome to hop in at any time throughout the week. Just grab the button and link for your blog post where you share exactly 100 words from your current read(s) and add your post URL to the linky list provided at the end of this post. Feel free to share anything else you'd like on your post, especially book-related items. And be sure to visit and/or introduce yourself to others on the WoW list during the week.

I use The Word Count Tool to count my book excerpts. I type in the box provided, then once I have 100 words, I copy and paste it right into my blog post.