Tuesday, November 23, 2010

WoW: Kasey Klein and Book Giveaway

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Forever Becoming

"Checking Out" and "Kilroy", supermarket tales of 200 words each, by author Kasey Klein, are must reads if you would like to get to know the kind of person Kasey is in his day-to-day life.

One of my favorite short stories by Kasey Klein is "Helena"--a love story; bittersweet; and the telling, told in a beloved voice of its own kind. It is a story of love, loss, and sadness--the sadness in loving and the sadness in being unloved.

I recently purchased and received in my snailmail box a signed copy of Forever Becoming by Kasey Klein. I think only a true book lover can understand my reaction when I removed the book from its bubble-wrap envelope, "Oh my god, it's beautiful!" Seriously, holding Klein's book in my hands with the cover design staring up at me, the perused pages bold and bountiful ... 'Twas a thing of pure beauty.

Eventually, I will post my review of this book, but for now I share with you a portion of Klein's own review of Forever Becoming:

"Forever Becoming is my sophomore effort, the rough draft coming off the keyboard in 2000. I’d read much about the sophomore jinx. Obvious was people tried to recreate or duplicate the first success/effort. To avoid this, I stepped out in a completely new direction. I wanted to create a universe. I wanted to tell a big story in a huge way. I started with the idea of primitive dualism, the idea that the universe exists in balanced opposites. The Bible and its religions sidestep this by having God apart from His creation.

I imaged a god existing in pure light. Let me confuse you: any words applied to this being or this place would fall short of the reality. We cannot know this being or this place. She exists in a time not a time, in a place not a place. Again, the words don’t fit, but they’re all I have: she doesn’t like the darkness surrounding the light. In an attempt to push the darkness away, her light melds with the darkness, manifesting the temporal, a place that’s a place in a time that’s a time.
That’s the backstory.

To understand her creation, God manifests her sister (again, I use temporal terms that don’t apply) into flesh, her sister, Makaila, unaware of who and what she is so as not to affect her observations. Though a product of sperm and egg, Makaila is also divine. At age eleven, Makaila is deemed a danger to herself and others, and promptly illegally institutionalized for life by a shadowy pseudo-government agency. Eighteen months later, Makaila gets released. The pseudo-government agency wants Makaila back in the institution or dead.

Here is where we enter the story. Makaila, determined to keep her freedom, faces off with people who have something much different in mind."
As if being a literary author isn't enough, Kasey Klein also stands in place as a talented artist. Visit Klein's online store, browse through his artwork, and purchase your favorite piece of Fine Art and/or a one-of-a-kind Creative Tee with 'Tude!


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Forever Becoming by Kasey Klein

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