Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WoW 100 Words Welcome to the Castle

Good morning WoW 100 bloggers and readers! First, to let you know why there was no WoW 100 post last week -- I lost my computer in foul weather, tornado weather, to be exact. I've now a new computer and working at getting used to the newfangled contraption! And, I'm doing my best to get caught up in all my online forums and activities.

Reading from the novel, Sworn To Secrecy For Life: A Young American Spy's Odyssey through War-torn Germany and Russia, by author Charles Joseph Fickey. The following 100 word excerpt is taken from Chapter 24, "Castle Training Group", page 123:

"Where is the shower?" asked Karl sleepily.

"The what?" Gerd laughed. "This is a twelfth century castle, and it has had next to no modernization. There is one bathtub at the end of the hall. There is a single water line piped up the back of the castle for that and for the kitchen downstairs. You still have to heat water for it. You will not have time for that in the morning. We only use the bathtub once a week. This is the Army, you know. See that door over there?" He pointed to a dark-looking opening across the...

Puchase via abitosunshine: Sworn to Secrecy - For Life: A Young American Spy's Odyssey through War-torn Germany and Russia

WoW Weekly 100 Words:

Although this is a Wednesday blog hop hosted here at Ruthi Reads!, you are welcome to hop in at any time. Just grab the button and link for you blog post where you share exactly 100 words from your current read(s) and add your post URL to the linky list provided at the end of this post. Feel free to share anything else you'd like on your post, especially book-related items. And be sure to visit and/or introduce yourself to others on the WoW list during week.

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