Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Reading

Here I sit roasting away on another hot day! The weatherman promises 98 degrees for tomorrow and I'm wishing I could grab a good book and head for the ocean.

I envision myself taking a walk along the cool sea foam on a sandy shore in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, USA. Then I see myself settling into a comfy lounge chair with a book to while away the heat of the summer day.

My choice of books would be one that's been sitting here on my bookshelf for a few weeks, just calling out to me with a "Darlin', I've got plenty inside these pages that'll cool your body off." And by the cover of author Ed Williams' book, ChristmaSin': A Juliette Christmas Epistle, I think it just might be right! Then again, that title sounds pretty hot, so I may just have to take a dip in the sea between the chapters.

So, come along with me, and as we make the drive, tell me what beach you're headed to and what book you'll be bringing along with you to help you through yet another sweltering summer day.