Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Book Review: Love Doesn't Play by the Rules

Love Doesn't Play by the Rules
In Love Doesn't Play by the Rules, author Sandi Perry parades Jonny and Cassie down the runway of the rich and famous.

Jonny Duponi, current bad boy of filmdom tabloids, felt it was time to make some changes in his life. To do so, he did what many of us often do: he moved back home, from West Coast to East amid a mid-winter chill; a journey of self-discovery culminating in romancing possibility when he found himself in the presence of Cassie Owens; rather, New York's high-society heiress, Cassandra Owens-Whitney.

Cassie had her own agenda where life and love were concerned. She was determined to stay the course at the top of the music industry as head of Avatar Records, which Grandfather Whitney had dropped in her lap on her 21st birthday. And she was focused on becoming a wife and mother long before her womanly time clock began ticking. Cassie was not about to be side-tracked by the alluring charms of Jonny the playboy movie star. She held Jonny at bay by laying the ground rules into play immediately -- Friendship is the name of her game.

Jonny seemed to be content with the rules set forth by Cassie. However, Perry leads her characters into what Renaissance English poet, John Lyly, knew long ago proven true: The rules of fair play do not apply in love and war. A battle is waged within as Cassie deals with her conflicting emotions in response to Jonny's never-ending enticements to draw her in to his grasp. Jonny is faced with the daunting task of proving himself a changed man, worthy of Cassie's affections on a higher plane -- Love is the name of his game.

Love Doesn't Play by the Rules follows the rules of the comtemporary romance genre in that Sandi Perry convincingly dates the theme of her novel to a time when current interest seems pointed to the hype and popularity of the status of stardom. On the runway of romance writing, Perry holds true to plot, developing her main characters from behind the scenes as they carry on in the waging war of love.


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Love Doesn't Play by the Rules