Friday, September 6, 2013

Adding To My TBR List

All too often I read a book review and say I am going to add that book to my to-be-read list but that reading list seems more in my head than down on paper somewhere so I can see it.

I figure one way to not lose track of these books I really do want to read is to post them right here on my book blog. Besides, this just might help get me back to book blogging!

That said, here is my first book to be added to my TBR List - A novel by Larry McMurtry.

I first heard about this particular novel by McMurtry when reading the review by writer David Stone, who writes a great review of the book.

Have you read "All My Friends Are Going to Be Strangers"?

How about your TBR list ... What book have you added recently that you would like to share?

Note to Book Bloggers: I am thinking about turning this into a blog hop with a link-up list and would appreciate your thoughts on that idea.