Monday, May 17, 2010

Book Review: Smacking The Muse

Smacking The Muse on Amazon
Author Darin Waugh combines the power of martial arts with poetry and prose to share his passion for reflection. 

Waugh packs a wallop with his words in his book, Smacking The Muse: Thoughts, Stories, and Kung Fu, compelling the creative person to look at the "muse" as something to control. Waugh explains, "It's this deep seated passion for reflection and writing that is the 'muse.' Trying to control this desire and discovering what to do with it is what I call 'smacking the muse'."

Interspersed throughout Waugh's personal stories and verse are quips and quotes from artists of various venues, all embodying the life values and traditions the author tends to express within his storytelling and verse.

It is apparent that Waugh is inspired to motivate his readers with his writing reflections. It is also apparent the author exercises self-control, as well as control over his muse, which often has a mind of its own. Darin Waugh explains the control issue well with his words, "Be the creator of the life you wish to have, and the muse will respond accordingly." This is quite a motivational statement and quite the compelling argument for the title, Smacking The Muse.

Inevitably, it must be duly noted that the reading of this book would have been more enjoyable had it withstood a more thorough proofreading for misspellings and grammatical errors before publication. Mistakes notwithstanding, author Darin Waugh has mastered the art of uplifting and motivating the reader in Smacking The Muse: Thoughts, Stories, and Kung Fu.

NOTE: The author has assured me that a revised version is now being sold.