Review Policy

Book Review Policy and Disclosure for Ruthi Reads!

This policy is in effect as of January 1, 2011. I do reserve the right to amend this policy at any time in the future.


I review under this frame of mind:

Do not review the book you wish the author had written; do review the book in hand.


I favour an eclectic taste in books, reading across all genres. However, I only read print publications; no audio or eBooks.

I prefer to read and review for newly published, self-published, and POD authors, although I also welcome books from traditionally published authors and publishing houses. I like to promote those who are penning their way to the top.

Most of the books I read and review I have received from the authors or publishers/publicists in exchange for said review. Others I have purchased, or I have won in some type of online giveaway. I've yet to be paid for writing a book review, but would be happy to do so!

No matter how I receive a book, my review will be my honest opinion of the publication; I will not write book reviews under the pressure of being paid in any way for a positive review. Generally, at the end of each of my book reviews I will fully disclose how I came upon the book.

My moods are as varied as my taste in books; therefore, I will occasionally skip over a book I've received until I'm in the mood for that genre or writing style. But, for the most part, I read the books in the order they are received.

I do write a review of every book I read--good, bad, or indifferent. My reviews are my honest opinion of the book at hand. My reviews are rarely considered negative; I see no reason to bash a book or an author. And if a book is that bad, I wouldn't have finished reading it, and if I didn't read the entire book, I feel I have no right to review the book.

As a writer, I tend to get a bit creative in my book reviews. I sign my name to it, so it's got to be good even it's bad.

Along with reviewing the book, I like to do an author interview. As I'm reading the book, I also share 100-word segments along the way, here on Ruthi Reads! As I said, I do what I can to promote the authors and their books.

My book reviews are written and ©Ruth Cox.  My book reviews may be published here on this blog or they may be published to one of several content writing sites I am a member of and/or to If you are the author and would like my review posted elsewhere, please just let me know.

Currently, I am backlogged 6 months in books on the shelf awaiting my reviews.

For further book review inquiries, contact Ruthi by Email:
webmistress (at) abitosunshine (dot) net