Thursday, June 24, 2010

Live Author Chat: Ruth Cox (Messenger Bag Winner..:-)

This is your invitation to join me at my Live Author Chat, hosted by Connie C. at Gather!

The chat will be held tonight, June 24th, at 9pm EST.

Here is the link to the chat:

You must be a member of to comment in the chat. Also, the chat link is available as a transcript, if you missed chat night, so do stop by!

One lucky participant in the chat will be drawn to win my Once Upon A Time Messenger Bag! Connie has recently posted a product review of my Messenger Bag, which you can see and comment on here:



  1. I'm so sorry I missed the chat, but it was fun to catch up afterwards. One of the best things about these chats is knowing you can always go back to them.

  2. I agree, Sheila, I've gone back to several of the past chats for links and such! Not to worry about missing the live chat, you checked in & that means a lot to me!

  3. Ruthi, I posted an award for you on my blog for this particular blog of yours. :) It's the Versatile Blog Award. I think this blog is definitely worthy of the award.

  4. Thanks Dianna ... and I left you a comment on your blog award post..:-)

    So, isn't it great Karen won the Messenger Bag at my Author Chat? I'm pretty sure she's delighted about it!

  5. I won! I won! Thank you for creating it. It's an amazing bag! I've already got it filled with things, too. I have my records that I'm working on at the moment in it. It's so light but at the same time strong. Thanks!

    I truly enjoyed your chat! When's your next one? *smile*

  6. Karen, I was so happy when Connie announced you won, hooRAYo! It makes me feel good to know you're keeping special stuff in the bag..:-)

    I could tell you were enJOYin' the chat, you were pickin' on me, LOL Another one down the road... someday!


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